The Fonds pour les soins palliatifs contributes to the development of palliative care, the improvement of patient care and management, as well as to the support of the patient’s family and loved ones.

Today, in France, the access to palliative care is insufficient with a lot of territorial inequalities, and necessary financial means decline. Although most people at the end of their life should need palliative care, only 20 % of them have a real access to it. Palliative care at home or in social healthcare establishments (as retirement homes or nursing homes) are not enough developed.

The Fonds pour les soins palliatifs is a non-profit endowment fund with a humanistic and universal vocation and general interest. It was created because of the awareness that available funds are insufficient to put into action all the projects which improve the quality of life of the patients and their family.

The Fonds pour les soins palliatif supports and monitors innovative projects from beginning to end. Some projects should be replicable at a larger scale.

The Fonds pour les soins palliatifs works closely with both companies and other foundations in order to find resources and create durable partnerships. It assures that projects run, guarantees the good use of donations, and commits to sending donors regular technical and financial updates.

Its strategy is based on four programs of action :


The Fonds pour les soins palliatifs is the only institution in France dedicated to palliative care projects.

Since 2013, the Fonds pour les soins palliatifs is eligible with the CAFAmerica.